Lion Dance in Chinatown and Place publique Shā Tān (September 2020)

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Throughout the month of September, we were invited by Quartier des Spectacles to perform lion dance in Chinatown’s new Place publique Shā Tān to attract more visitors to Chinatown’s businesses. With the city gradually opening back up during the COVID-19 pandemic, Chinatown’s businesses are still suffering from lack of visitors in the area.

With our lion dance performance, we attracted many new visitors to Chinatown and encouraged them to visit Chinatown’s restaurants and stores. A big thanks to everyone for coming to support our cause.

During our performance down the main street of Chinatown, Sifu Jimmy Chan passed around free masks to all the visitors who were not wearing masks. Even with the re-opening of the city and businesses, we still must stay vigilant and practice proper social distancing and wear our masks!

With our lion dance performances throughout the month at Montreal’s Chinatown, we brought back the positive spirit of all the businesses and patrons who came to see our performance.

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